Pulse Fx Cheer music FAQS

Can I Re-License my mix?

YES...the re-license fee is 50% of the original purchase price. Mixes can only be relicensed for 1 additional season and must be from the previous season Example: 2018 Mix relicensed for 2020 - NO 2019 Mix relicensed for 2020 - YES

What is the difference between an Edit & Reconstruction ?

- Edit is defined as any minor change to the mix that does not alter the foundation of the mix. Example - Sound effect adjustments, in-house vocal changes, tempo changes, single song change - Reconstruction is defined as any change that alters the foundation of the mix. Example - Addition or subtraction of 8 counts, more than 1 song change, outsourced vocals, movement of sections - All edits fees must be paid at the time of scheduling your edit or reconstruction.

When does Pulse Fx start accepting Edit & Reconstruction submissions ?

- Pulse Fx and its producers will only accept submissions for edits & reconstructions starting December 1st of every season. - If edits or reconstructions are needed sooner than December 1st a rush fee will be applied.

How will I receive my mix ?

- Your mix will be uploaded into to your basecamp account upon completion. - Your license will also be uploaded into basecamp upon completition of your final payment. - Under no circumstances will a license be issued to an account with an outstanding balance.

Can I use music off of iTunes, Spotify or Youtube ?

NO! Pulse Fx and its producers will not under any circumstances infringe upon the copyright of any ( Artist,Label, or Publisher etc ). Pulse Fx will only use content that is original or from License providers that have given Pulse Fx written permission to use their content.

Do I get any FREE edits with the purchase of my mix ?

- Yes when you purchase a mix with Pulse Fx each mix comes with (1) FREE revision This revision can consist of ( 1 ) single song change , sound effect adjustments , minor voiceover adjustment. Any additional edits needed outside of the ( 1 ) FREE revision will come with a fee. - Sound effect ONLY adjustments are FREE for the length of your license term. Any additional edits needed in company with Sound effect adjustments will accrue a fee.