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  • How will I receive my mix ?
    - Your mix will be uploaded into to your basecamp account upon completion. - Your license will also be uploaded into basecamp upon completition of your final payment. - Under no circumstances will a license be issued to an account with an outstanding balance.
  • When does Pulse Fx start accepting Edit & Reconstruction submissions ?
    - Pulse Fx and its producers will only accept submissions for edits & reconstructions starting December 1st of every season. - If edits or reconstructions are needed sooner than December 1st a rush fee of $100 -$300 will be applied at the producers discretion in addition to normal edit edit fees.
  • What is the difference between an Edit & Reconstruction ?
    - Edit is defined as any minor change to the mix that does not alter the foundation of the mix. Example - Sound effect adjustments, in-house vocal changes, tempo changes, single song change - Reconstruction is defined as any change that alters the foundation of the mix. Example - Addition or subtraction of 8 counts, more than 1 song change, outsourced vocals, movement of sections - All edits fees must be paid at the time of scheduling your edit or reconstruction.
  • Can I Re-License my mix?
    YES...the re-license fee is 50% of the original purchase price. Mixes can only be relicensed for 1 additional season and must be from the previous season. Example: 2018 Mix relicensed for 2020 - NO 2019 Mix relicensed for 2020 - YES ***Note - Pulse Fx has numerous licensing contracts in place. These contracts are with companies that we pull our content from for the season. In the event we do not renew our contract with any of our providers the relicense option will not be available to you as we will not have the rights to issue a license for a consecutive year for that specific content. *** Pulse Fx and it's producers reserve the right to refuse to relicense any mix for any client. The ability to relicense a mix is a privelage NOT a right and will be at the discretion of Pulse Fx Ownership.
  • Can I use music off of iTunes, Spotify or Youtube ?"
    NO! Pulse Fx and its producers will not under any circumstances infringe upon the copyright of any ( Artist,Label, or Publisher etc ). Pulse Fx will only use content that is original or from License providers that have given Pulse Fx written permission to use their content.
  • Do I get any FREE edits with the purchase of my mix ?
    - YES When you purchase a mix with Pulse Fx each mix comes with (1) FREE revision. This revision can consist of ( 1 ) single song change , sound effect adjustments , minor voiceover adjustments up to 4-8counts. Any additional edits needed outside of the ( 1 ) FREE revision will come with a fee.
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